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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  February 18, 2012 8:30am-9:00am PST

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coaster. >> you like ralph lauren. >> dennis he' only as good as the next blazer. that's it for forbes on fox. ♪ and i will always love you. >> how was she remembered? >> greatest voice of all time. >> you are talking about whitney here. and i would be like. ♪ i want to dance with somebody. >> and she was the most beautiful women i had seen. she was incredible. >> thank you for giving your talent and beautiful voices i ever heard in my life. >> a final farewell to muc legend whitney houston.
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good morning, i am john scott. and i am uma. this is special coverage of the funeral for whitney houston. >> a look at new hope baptist church. endless stream of friends and family to say goodbye. they were remembered she will celebrate her life. >> a near perfect voice brought tears and joy to people around the world. >> kelly wright is live at new hope baptist church. and for the membership of new hope baptist church who watched whitney houston grow up. it is a day of home going and celebrating their life and legacy and her gift to the
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world as being one of the greatest mucal talents ever among the tars . whitney will be remembered for her amazing voice. ♪ and i will always love you. ♪ i will always love you. >> that amazing voice, whitney will be remembered among hat amazing voice. and bobby humphrey told me, remembering the early ears when whitney was a teenager and performed with her mother in new york city where she was discovered. >> she had started modeling and which one of the two would she pursue. there is a guy by the name of jerry griffith that i would like to give a lot of credit
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for. he was working in promotion over in aerostat. and he convinced the great clive davis to come hear the young lady and the rest is history. >> that history all of us followed including the attorney who recalls the memorable moment after hust hoon finished recording on the set of sparkle. >> she called us in a room and circle up 30 or 40 people and prayed with us and it was so powerful. she prayed for our travel and success of the movie and thanked god for doing a movie. she hadn't done a movie in 15 years. >> sadly, as she was looking at that movie as her final come back in the movie industry, that is something that never happened in life. that movie is scheduled to be released by sony in august of this year. in 2006, i had the pleasure of
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interviewing her mom cissy on fox and friends . we talked about her problems at thatime time and she urged people to remember her daughter in prayer. and we song a duet. singing jesus loves me this i know. ♪ yes, jesus loves me. ♪ yes, jesus loves me. ♪ yes jesus loves me. what a memorable occasion that was to stand next to cissy
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houston knowing her daughter was going through difficult times and praying that her daughter was overcoming that. cissy making a direct intervention in her daughter's life. she will remember the love that she had for her daughter and how much joy her daughter brought her and brought her to so many other people in the world. this is a day she wants to hold on to private precious moments and moments that she watched her daughter grow up singing here in new hope baptist church. she began to develop that talent and talent she would share in the world. a beautiful woman embracing life with the fullness of her talents and sharing so many people and bringing joy in the world. back to you john and uma. >> you and cissy sounded great out there. what was it like performing with her? >> listen, i met whitney
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houston, one christmas before she actually went on to marry bobby brown. and she was sphorting a four caret diamond ring on her finger and every year whitney would have an annual vent and she invited the underprivileged kids in newark over to the newark success center or symphony hall and would give gifts to hundreds of kids, toys and food and clothe whatever they needed, she was providing for it. i asked her what compels you to give back so much? she said i am blessed by god. the gifts i was begin by god and i want to give that back to the community. that was the triumphant whitney sailing in the top of the record charges and amassing millions and never forgetting her roots here in newark and certainly infer
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forgetting a child that might want to grow up to be like a whitney houston. her mother's heart must be breaking today. we'll talk to a man who interview whitney and interviewed her several types. hot of jeff fox show and a radio ledge nend the new york city area. jeff, i know you had great and happy and funny memories of whitney houston that you can share with our viewers. >> we had a lot of fun. folks don't know how much fun she was i remember one of the first times we had to do a radio interview and we went over to where it was and i wanted to stage a wake-up call and act like i was waking her up on the radio. we were doing that at the time. and she was all for it.
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and she staged the whole thing. and we mayed it back the next day and that was our secret. we had a lot of fun together all of the time. she was just amazing. she really was. >> from the story that kelly was saying, it sounds like she was not one who really let fame go to her head. she remembered east orange and newark whether she came from. >> every time she came down to the radio show. we would put her on with the listeners and they had a ball. and that's what i remember about whitney. she had so much fun and liked jelly beans . and you had to have a certain set up when she came in and she loved kfc. we lived in the same neighborhood and i would see her in the kfc all of the time and we had a lot of fun. i remember the last time i saw her up there, if memory serves
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me correct. she had a two piece and a biscuit. she was so much fun. >> she seemed so approachable . at that level of fame, you have to surround yourself with handlers and people and so forth. but the aura she put out was a woman in touch with the people who were buying her muc. >> very much so. very much so. and if you stand around her, you might have to start dancing and she was always moving and always in the moment and always put you first. she was a very, very sweet, giving person. and when she walked in the room and she lit the room up. just a beautiful woman, oh, my goodness. >> did fame change her that much? >> did you see the affect of her. this is arguably the top selling most awarded female artist of all time.
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>> i don't know if it changed her, i know she went places that a lot of people don't have a chance to go. thosaltitudes. when i met her, she was grounded and sweet and you know, always wanted to know how i was doing and how my family was doing this are my memors that i take from her. >> 170 million records sold . >> unbelievable. >> most awarded female art of all time. six grammies and a string of number one hits and absolutely an incredible talent. >> you will never hear a voice like that again with fivoctaves. and now i have heard the muc the last few days, you forget how incredible all of the songs were and what a body of work she left us and that's a blessing. >> it really is, to at least go back and play those records
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. we opened the program with the recording from dolly parton. i will always love you. it is absolutely such a pure and powerful voice. >> i remember when that voice started to get playied on the radio. it stayed on top the charts for months and monthses. it was an amazing record to watch that record take that ride. >> jeff fox, wbls radio personality and long-time friend of whitney houston. it is good to talk to you. >> you, too, thank you so much. >> okay, we'll go to jimmie green former president of the women's center and welcome to you today. it is a somber day, a day of reflections and as we celebrate the life of whitney houston, let me ask you for your thoughtots special connection that she had with the fans. why do you think that so many people could relate to her as
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a human being and a celebrity. good morning, uma. thanks for having me. listening to your previous guest, those were the stories and that's why she was able to connect with her fan community so much. and no matter how much she rose as a model and an accomplished singer and a very talented actress, she did still keep her roots and did keep that aura of being the girl next door. and i think that authtentic connection that she had to who she was regardless was what heights she was soaring at really did you know, play through the creen and play throughh her muc. and that's why her fans have been so connected with her and why they were so devastated to watch, the addiction take hold of her for the past few years and at the same time, those
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fans always believed and always wanted and watched her to pull herself back up and they continued to have a connection with her and also because she gave back to the community so much. when you remember the star spangled banner. that probably will never be sung in the way her ren diction was and could never be so well received by america i think when she released the star spangle would banner and had all of the proceeds go to the troops and their military families fighting in the first gulf war and then after the september 11th attacks when she released the rendition and all of those funds went to the victims, you know, new york fire department and police department. she was a humanitarian and that played out in front of her fans as well and i think
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that that is another reason that she will always be remembered and loved. >> and you know, the church, was a place for her for renewal and comfort . her spiritual roots awn were talked about by her and her family. she took great comfort in the spirituality that was part of her life and the faith in god was strong. >> absolutely, uma. i don't think that anyone who had the honor to interact with whitney houston could have spent any short period of time without hearing her praise jesus and they have had reports in her last few days, she had been talking to jesus and wanting to -- you know, make sure her connection with him was strong as ever. and that has come out again
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through her personal interactions on a one and one and came out in her music . her rendition and listening to cissy houston sing with kelly wright, yes, jesus loves me. reminded me of how that was the last song on the bodyguard sound track, to this day is still top selling sound track of all times and she put her mark on that sound track with yes, jesus loves me in a way where you think of many musicians and many that have a belief in the christian faith, that doesn't necessarily come out on their cd's or in their concerts, and that was not whitney houston. she was always close to christ. she was always speaking to christt and she was always sharing her love of christ with her fans and with anyone who was able to spend time with her.
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and her impact as a cultural icon is something that we all understand and know well. she broke through many barriers and first africa-american on mtv with her first hit song. >> chutely. there were so many firsts that she had. and i do think that even in a lot of the conversations with her passing and we've looked to american stars and talked her impact or habeen on the africa-american community. i sort of reyect that notion. it is so much bigger as first as a black woman. they play an important role, it was her connection to the entire american community. she was woven into the fabric of the country black or white or latino. it didn't matter, all races.
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all genders and all ages were connected to the woman and i think that that is why so many people applaud governor christie lowering the flag in new jersey and so many people were appalled, black or white with some of the kind of negative response that he got for making that decision. but of course, she was a first and she probably will not be replaced ever. >> chutely. and thank you for your reflection. >> we have the screen some of the first image inside of new hope baptist church where the funeral of whitney houston set to begin. we'll be back with our coverage as american're america said goodbye to the legend back in a moment.  [ male announcer ] montgomery and abiil haggins
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>> that is less than we will be hearing from bishop td jakes. and alisia keys and articley and stevie oner will be singing at her service. it is an all-star line up. and say goodbye to the most
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famous female singer in america . i smile when you get to know whitney that is what she will bring to you. as a person she is so warm. my husband toured whitney for my love is your love tour. we were dating there and we go out on tour and white house after the show. we would gather at the hotel lobby and dance and have a boom box and play music and nip was there. it was a childhood nickname and she came over to our house for a cook out we had on the 4th of yell and she loved fried chicken. whitney houston is everything that you have heard about her.
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she is a warm person. and now a great spirit who will live with us. and i am saddened of course, by the short life that she lived and untimely death, of course. but right this second. i am happy to celebrate whitney houston's life and we are blessed to have whitney who graced this earth and haired the talent that she realized a talent from god . being on tour and going on tour and watch from the side of the stage and watch whitney sing many, many times and i waited every night for her to hit that night with i will always love you and she did. and i remember one night. you talk about gospel roots, she was never ever away from the gospel roots. she would mix it in. and they will ripping as they say. she would get the feeling and doing her gospel stuff up
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there and it was great. and one night sh sang i love the lord. i couldn't hold it. and i needed to, but she was so beautiful. i mean, looking at these photos of her and look at that light. whitney had a light that shined so brightly and she shared with the world and i am so fortunate to have known her on a personal level and i am so glad my husband was able to work with whitney. he will tell you from that stand point what she did and how she blazed so many trails. and embraced so many people and he will tell you more about that i think you will talk to him. and right now, john. i am just filled with joy, just to know that whitney was here on this earth and blessed us. that's what happens in these services, there will be tears of yoy and sorrow and laughter
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and people will cry out. it is so emotional. today is an emotional roller coaster as we celebrate the life of whitney houston. god bless her mother and daughter bobbi kristina. >> and i found back to the days when mtv played videos and you would watch videos and one i think of all of the time i want to dance with somebody. >> i knew i was going to say that. >> she was so full of life and excite i am sitting there some kid in denver, colorado thinking it is a monumental star in the making, but you just fell in love with her. >> you did. you meet her in person. she is soft spoken and that's how she talked in person. that's how she was. she was a busy woman and she had people around her, but
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never felt like she was an untouchable star when you were in her presence. and the young whitney. she and her mother cissy houston sang background on a early nevill brother's album which is my family. i know they are proud of that and still blessed to have her share her voice on one of their songs as well. >> to be able to say whitney houston loves your fried chicken. >> i will make it for you personally. >> thank you. >> jeff fox knew whitney and interviewed her many times . a radio personality and host of jeff fox show. he is joining with reflections and as you step back and watch the imag that we are seeing from the church there, what runs through your mind as you know so many of whit behit's
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friend exercise family will gather for a celebration of her life. >> i think back to 1985. and at that time i was working in chicago. and her first hit was you give good love. she was performing in a concert place called park west. folks in chicago know that. famous concert venue and i wason of the emcee's, i was tanning and i had never met her before and she walked by and that was beginning of something so great. we had no ideas the heights she would go and i saw it in the beginning. >> she obviously didn't know the heights she would go. >> she was a wide-eyed kid and she loved the muc and clive davis came in her life, and he realized that she was on a
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path of great destiny and in the early days though. so much is talked about the fact representing something so fresh and different and somebody in the radio business you know that all too well. >> absolutely. >> she shot throughout strotos phere immediately and she was in the time period where mtv started to play videos and that was a time that was interesting, because you had michael jackson, you had tina turner, you had lionel richie. you had billie ocean all of these artist were doing great things and just one time across the board on all formats and whitney houston was the book end to michael jackson. they could have gone to the prom together. they were doing the same thing at the same time and same level. >> talk about her influence with the next generation of
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young women who came up lookkingalt her as an inspiration and someone who patterned their lives and careers. absolutely. no doubt about it. they always say it is only one. >> it is only one whitney houston. but as far as her talent is concerned a great beacon to pattern your career after for sure. >> jeff, i didn't remember that that remembering that she made of the tar spangle would banner, she sang the anthem super 25. tampa, florida was the venue and that recording actually cracked the top 20 on the bill board 100, meaning that whitney houston is the only artist to make a commercial success of a very difficult song to sing first of all. >> think of how many people sung that song in a sporting event and only whitney houston


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